Firm Hands Gentle Touch - Therapeutic and sensual massage for women
Why have a sensual massage?
Sensual massage for women has increased in popularity and acceptability fairly rapidly over recent years, both through novels and media coverage and also through a growing awareness of the emotional and physical benefits resulting from exploring one's sensual side.
These are some of the reasons given by female clients for requesting sensual massage:
- I want to enjoy regular massage, to have the muscles worked professionally but also want to feel intimate touch in order to connect with the deeper sensual part of myself.

- I want to feel the firm yet tender touch of a mans hands all over my body without feeling the need to perform or give sexually in return.

- I want to learn more about how arousal and prolonged climax can be experienced through gentle, prolonged, intimate touch rather than penetration.
- I fear being intimate with a man, due to lack of self-confidence about how my body looks when naked, and would value professional help to overcome this.
- My sex-drive is lower than I would like it to be and I find it almost impossible to get fully aroused and have an orgasm, either with a man or by myself. I would like to slowly explore my sensual side with expert help in order to address these concerns but in a safe, professional, non-judgmental, discreet environment.

- I want to go beyond my usual boundaries of arousal by investigating G Spot stimulation and other more erotic elements in a relaxed, low-pressure environment and with the help of a non-judgemental male partner.

- I am happy to not be in a relationship and my life is good but I miss the intimacy and tender touch that a relationship brings.

- I belive that it is good to be able to experience high arousal and erotic crescendo without the commitment and responsibilities of a relationship.

- I am happily married except for my sex life. The intimacy has declined and I need to receive intimate erotic attention within a safe professional therapeutic environment that does not challenge or effect my marriage.
- I have heard about erotic and tantric massage and would like to find out more from someone with professional experience.
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