Firm Hands Gentle Touch - Therapeutic and sensual massage for women
I have a very stresful job but Antoine always helps me to relax and forget about the problems of the day. My aches and pains quickly disappear. (J)
It is incredible how well Antoine understands a woman's body. He is strong, yet gentle at the same time. He is sensitive, sensual and perceptive, always able to correctly judge the mood. Unquestionably the best massages I have ever had. (R)
Since my first massage with Antoine, I have begun to discover depths to my sensuality that I have never encountered before. Both with him, and by myself, I am now able to enjoy intense orgasms that I had read about but never experienced, just through slow, sensual massage of my intimate areas. I feel liberated! (S)
I had never had a massage from a man before and I was quite excited, but also very nervous. Antoinne quickly put me at ease and was such a gentleman. I had no idea that massage could be so enjoyable. I wish I could keep him to myself! (M)
What's so good about Antoine is he doesn't fancy himself. He's just a very skilled masseur and great company. And I just love the feeling of his hands on my skin. (D)
When my best friend and I booked a massage with you last weekend, we thought it would just be relaxing and a but of girly fun. We had no idea quite how amazing it would turn out to be. Antoine - you are amazing! To give two girls such relaxing and arousing massages is quite an achievement. There's something irrestistibly sexy about your touch - and your body is quite hot too! (N&S)
We all want to thank you for the incredible massages that you gave us at our pamper party last week. We know we made you work really hard but you kept on going with charm, humour and senstivity throughout. You were damn sexy too! ;-) See you at the next one.  (P & Co) 
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