Firm Hands Gentle Touch - Therapeutic and sensual massage for women
What exactly is a full body massage?
A full body massage is more or less exactly as it sounds: the massaging of every part of the body. It takes part in a particular order, from toe to head and then head to toe.
For the first half, the client lies on their front. The massage begins with the legs, firstly calves and then thinghs, before proceeding to the buttocks. Both effluage (gentle massage strokes) and petrissage (deep tissue massage) are used to aid relaxation and improve circulation. In the case of a sensual massage, further massaging of the intimate areas may follow, depending on the clients requirements before the massage progresses to the back, shoulders and neck. This part of the massage can take quite a long time, especially if this is an area where the client suffers pain or stiffness. The first half of the massage finishes with a head massage.
For the second half, the client turns over to lie on their back. The direction of massage is then reversed, so that the massage progresses from head to toe. First the face is gently massaged and then the chest and stomach. In the case of a sensual massage, the breasts will also be gently caressed and massaged. This is followed by the arms and hands and then the legs, providing further opportunity for the massage of the intimate areas if the client so wishes. The massage finishes with the feet.
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