Firm Hands Gentle Touch - Therapeutic and sensual massage for women
Four Hands Massage

If you've never experienced a four hands massage before, then this is really worth a try! It is an amazing experience; twice as sensual and twice as relaxing.

A four hands massage is provided by two massage therapists simultaneously. The two massage therapists either work in parallel, with one massaging one leg, for example, whilst the other mirrors their movements on the other leg, or the two therapists begin massaging at opposite ends of your body and meet in the middle. 

The extra pair of hands is provided by an attractive, elegant and sexy young lady, who has trained in a range of massage techniques in both Thailand and the UK. I have trained her in the art of sensual massage and can reassure you that her massage skills are of the highest standard.

A four hands full body sensual massage, lasting between 75 and 90 minutes, costs £70 (as opposed to £40 for a massage carried out by myself only).

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