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Frequently asked questions...
Q: If you visit me for my massage, do you charge extra for travel?
A: I ask you to cover my travel expenses, but I do not charge you for the time that I spend travelling.
Q: Will I have to be completely naked for my massage?
A: That is entirely up to you. You can wear as little or as much clothing as you feel comfortable with. A full body massage is best carried out when the recipient is naked, or just wearing underwear, and areas not being massaged will always be covered by a towel.
Q: What will you be wearing when you carry out the massage?
A: I will ask you what you would like me to wear. I sometimes wear jeans and a short-sleeved top or shirt. Some clients ask me to wear something a little more sexy and some are keen to experience a naturist massage. I'm completely flexible.
Q: What if I get aroused during my massage?
A: I offer a full range of massages from deep tissue sports massage to sensual massage. But even a sports massage can be quite a sensual experience and lead to moments of arousal. That's absolutely fine. I won't be shocked or embarassed, so there's no need for you to be either.
Q: Do you ever get aroused during a massage?
A: It has been know, especially during sensual massages, but my focus is on ensuring that you have the best massage that you've ever experienced. It's not about me.
Q: What exactly is trantric massage and do you offer it?
A: Tantric massage is a form of sensual massage, which involves the massaging of the intimate areas of the body as well as the other parts, and also has a spiritual dimension. Originating in India, where it was used for numerous therapeutic purposes before modern-day treatments had been discovered, there are now many different forms of tantric massage. Whilst I am not an accredited tantric massage practitioner, it is an area that I know a lot about and I do offer sensual massage that has many of the benefits of tantric massage.

Q: What is a four hands massage and who provides the extra pair of hands?
A: A four hands massage is provided by two massage therapists simultaneously. It is a really amazing experience and well worth trying if you haven't had one before. The two massage therapists either work in parallel, with one massaging one leg, for example, whilst the other mirrors their movements on the other leg, or the two therapists begin massaging at opposite ends of your body and meet in the middle. The extra pair of hands is provided by an attractive, elegant and sexy young lady, who has trained in a range of massage techniques in both Thailand and the UK. I have trained her in the art of sensual massage and can reassure you that her massage skills are of the highest standard.
Q: I would feel more comfortable if a female friend was around during my massage, especially for the first time.
A: Sure. As long as they are female, that's fine by me.
Q: Can you massage two or more women at the same time?
A: I only have two hands and one massage table, but I am happy to massage two or more women in succession at the same appointment. I can also attend pamper evenings, girls' nights in, hen parties and suchlike and offer massages to anyone who would like one.
Q: Can you teach me about massage?
A: I am very happy to explain what I am doing as I go along and I would be very happy for anyone wanting to practice their massage skills to do so on me and I will give advice and feedback. I also offer hands-on one-to-one or group training sessions. However, I would always recommend you to sign up for an accredited massage course at a college or specialist massage school if you are thinking of being a professional massage therapist yourself.  
Q: Will you offer me anything to drink?
A: It is very important to stay hydrated during massage. I'll need to drink something too. If you have your massage at my apartment, there will be a range of hot and cold drinks available at no extra charge.
Q: Can I have a shower if I have my massage at your apartment?
A: Certainly. You are very welcome to have a shower, or a bath for that matter, before and / or after your massage if you wish, but it's not compulsory! I have plenty of towels but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
Q: Can I park easily if I come to your apartment?
A: There are plenty of parking spaces right outside. It is in a residents' parking zone, but there are relatively inexpensive parking meters and parking is free after 5.00pm and at weekends.
Q: If I travel to your apartment by train, would you be able to pick me up from the station?
A: Absolutely. Anything I can do to make your massage experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible will be my pleasure.
Q: What if I want the massage to continue for longer than the time I have booked? Is there a risk that someone else might turn up for their appointment or you'll have to dash off?
A: This is not uncommon and I, therefore, make sure that I allow plenty of time between appointments. If it is an evening appointment of an hour or more, I am unlikely to make more than one appointment for that evening, so there's no rush. There may be an additional charge for a significantly longer session, but it won't break the bank! 
Q: Do I have to pay in cash and when do I give it to you?
A: Cash is preferred. Cheques are also fine after the first massage. I'm afraid I'm not currently able to take credit card payments. I normally take payment after the massage when I can check that you are completely satisfied. Some clients prefer to pay at the start and that's fine if that's your preference.
Q: Will I get a discount if I introduce you to another client?
A: Absolutely! Most of my business results from word of mouth. I will be very happy to agree a discount or commission with anyone who introduces me to new clients or who wishes to help me promote my business. (See Loyalty Scheme page.)
If you have any questions not addressed above, or wish to discuss any of these questions in more detail, please do not hesitate to call, text or email. If I am unable to answer when you call, I will always call you back as soon as possible.
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